2 Step Program for Affordable Healthy Eating!

35107313_grocery_cart_filledI often hear “I want to buy healthy/organic food but it’s so expensive!” I will admit organic items are priced higher than their non-organic counterparts. But is it truly unaffordable?

Let’s take a deeper look. If you answer “yes” to either of the questions below, I can promise you there is a way to afford clean eating food:

  1. Do you take out/eat at a restaurant?
    1. On average you are spending anywhere from $100-$600 a month on eating out. This, of course, depends on the location and number of meals ordered. Just eating out for lunch will run an individual over $40 a week!
  2. Do you regularly buy packaged snacks?
    1. These items are a huge contributor to weight gain, decreased immune system which results in frequent illness such as a cold, flu or worse. They are an unnecessary cost to your grocery budget and health.

If you are looking to make a more positive change towards eating healthy, here are a few steps:

  1. Eating out
    1. Cut eating out to 2x’s a month. For some this may require more effort but take a keen look at what it’s costing you by keeping track.
  2. Packaged snacks
    1. Remove a few snack items you know are unhealthy from your grocery list. Any cookies, pop tarts, chips or candy lingering to be purchased? I wouldn’t omit all right away, just commit to discontinuing one category for starters. Again, this will require forethought (and consistency) so as you shop, understand you are making room for more nutritious items. I like to buy items that come with their own natural wrap like fruit. If you just can’t let go of the cookies, there are healthier options and most grocery stores have a section just for this! Remember, you are making room in your budget for the healthier items.

Warning! There is a side effect. You will lose weight by minimizing the refined sugar and chemicals found in eating out and packaged items. Not too shabby!

All changes deserve the respect of patience and effort. Remember, convenience ALWAYS comes with a cost to both your wallet and your health. A reliable support system will provide the needed assistance to stay on track. Find someone that will keep you accountable; a friend, family member or a Health Coach!

Be Well!

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