About Me

When I was in my early twenties most of my friends were body builders. I spent a lot of hours in the gym while exercising my will power. I know how it feels to walk through the candy section of the grocery store and crave sugar, believe me! Back then, clean eating was to maintain my physique. As the years passed I quickly learned that eating well should be viewed as being healthy, and it’s certainly not just for someone who wants to look decent in a bathing suit. I believe health is an overall well-being both physically and emotionally. In my early thirties, I got married and we had two beautiful girls. When my daughters were much younger, I would succumb to those quick unhealthy meals for dinner. Bread and pasta were the favorites. My oldest daughter started having problems like headaches, strange pain and pretty severe car sickness (all the time). I can’t tell you how many times I had to dismantle the car seat to be cleaned. When she was in third grade (it’s when the nightmare truly surfaced) she began having frequent chronic, debilitating abdominal pain. Her bouts were so severe she would scream for us to help her for hours! We took her to countless visits to the pediatrician and were told she was just constipated and when that was ruled out, they said it was acid reflux. When that was ruled out, a whole slew of hospitals stays overcame us. Her pain was so relentless she wound up in multiple emergency rooms of all the major hospitals in our area. The only thing I left the hospital with was a bill and an apologetic look from the discharge nurse. The ride home consisted of another trip with me, my husband AND my daughter crying. As a parent, I was at a complete loss. I just didn’t know what to do because I felt like if the “experts” couldn’t diagnose her, how could I? Self-deprecation ensued feeling helpless with my ability to care for my own child… I then decided to do something I should have done from the beginning, I turned down the holistic path. Through testing and an elimination diet, we narrowed down the culprits (even though I was buying organic). She can’t have dairy, corn, soy, eggs, bananas and beans. I know what you’re thinking. “What CAN she eat??” We had to change a number of food habits but she is now thriving. She creates her own recipes and loves to cook with me. Because of my story, I am now a Certified Holistic Health Coach dedicated to helping you reach your goals while using food as the catalyst just like I did. Everyone’s story is different. What’s YOURS? I’m a busy working mother who strives to provide healthy meals for the well-being of my family. I’ve been there and, at first, cringed thinking of how hard it will be but realized it’s… well NOT SO BAD AT ALL!! I’ll guide you on the right path and teach you methods to organize your crazy week and all the while preparing wonderful meals. Contact me now for more information, I would love to help you!