About Me

I believe health is an overall well-being both physically and emotionally.

I’m a wife, mother of two daughters, certified health coach, and business owner.

My career started on the business and technical end of medical billing where I spent 15 years crafting skills in technical support, training, and speaking.  I then went on to recruiting and heading Human Resources.  I decided to follow my passion and go into health and emotional wellness education and become a certified health coach.  I started my business, Kim Laughlin Health Coaching in 2013 and for the first time in my life, I look forward to working every single day.

In my early thirties, I got married and we had two beautiful girls. My oldest daughter started having problems like headaches, strange pain and pretty severe car sickness (all the time). This graduated to debilitating abdominal pain; her bouts were so severe she would scream for us to help her for hours! After countless visits to the pediatrician and almost every major hospital in the state, significant out of pocket expense and no answers… the decision go holistic became a path I should have taken in the first place.

Through testing and an elimination diet, we narrowed it down to leaky gut due to food sensitivity.  We had to change a number of food habits but she is now thriving. She creates her own recipes and loves to cook with me. Through this process I realized becoming a health coach is what I needed to do.

Everyone’s story is different. What’s YOURS?

Contact me now for more information, I would love to help you!