Progress, One Step at a Time

puppy steps

Why is it when we take on a new change in life, it is often abandoned?  We’re excited about the new endeavor but the bliss only lasts for a short while and ends with no results.  Why?  Within time we take on the next “change”.  We dive in and fall short once again.  It’s a […]

2 Step Program for Affordable Healthy Eating!


I often hear “I want to buy healthy/organic food but it’s so expensive!” I will admit organic items are priced higher than their non-organic counterparts. But is it truly unaffordable? Let’s take a deeper look. If you answer “yes” to either of the questions below, I can promise you there is a way to afford […]

Healthy Change Depends on This….


There is ONE thing you need to have success with your wellness goals. It’s not what you think! We have all been there and continue to be there. We are in a constant struggle to improve our wellness. The holidays bring the concern to the surface with all the extra indulging. We treat ourselves to […]

Gut Feeling!


Are you experiencing stomach pain you can’t explain?  Have you been to the doctor(s) after having every test under the sun done to be told nothing is “abnormal”.  Worse, is it your child and you feel helpless?  Did they ever ask how you eat or feed your family?  No.  They don’t because that’s not their training.  Please […]

To weigh or not to weigh


When I work with clients, one of the first things I talk about is not to obsess over how much they weigh each and every day. IF they must, I ask they scale back to weighing themselves ONCE A WEEK (tops). Pick a day of the week and step on the scale first thing in the morning after you have gone to the […]