Mindset Rehab Challenge


Mindset Rehab goes much further than thinking positively.  Mindset Rehab is a way to create conscious wellness that goes to a deeper level.  It causes you to tap into honestly with yourself.  Don’t leave!  Please continue reading.  Ask yourself how many conversations you have with others that doesn’t include negative comments about something or someone.  […]

Stress Management 101 – Communication

21198586 - stress - business person stressed at office. business woman holding coffee cup with stress written. overworked and over caffeinated female businesswoman.

Yes! this is a health issue!   Some might ask what stress caused by communication has to do with health.  It has EVERYTHING to do with health because it’s something we deal with every day, all day.  This is the reason for my blog on Stress Management 101 – Communication!  Have you heard of folks […]