Create Time!

Most people run on, and are very comfortable with, habit.  The moment we wake to the moment we got to sleep.  If there is a detour thrown in, it can create havoc even on a small scale.

We often hear of unexpected events which cause a shift in the way we do things.   A short story to show you I know how it is (it’s why I became a health coach).  My daughter was having many digestive issues and frequent headaches and for the longest time we weren’t getting answers.  Finally, I stepped away from conventional medicine and I found our angel who tested my daughter for food sensitivities.  Although I was feeding my family very well, I was also feeding my daughter foods that were hurting her.  When she was tested, we were told the following foods need to be removed so she can begin to heal: corn, soy, bananas, dairy, beans and eggs.  Needless to say, we did not eat processed food so that took care of most of the corn and soy issues.  Dairy (even organic) was a tough one for my daughter who would give up almost anything for ice cream.  Long story, short, we didn’t have the luxury of a gradual transition.  Anything new to an already set routine is a bit stressful; however, I couldn’t use the excuse of not having the time to accommodate my child.  I had to MAKE the time…immediately.

When I work with clients I help them with their “why”.   If the “why” isn’t a true priority, it allows for the excuse of “I don’t have the time.”   We ALL have the time if it’s important enough.  It may require us to make adjustments but it’s always there.

The next time you say “I don’t have the time.” It’s probably because it’s not important enough.  It’s ok if it isn’t; my point is to help bring awareness to the, often forgotten, ability to MAKE time.   

Be Well!

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