Gut Feeling!

35107314_photo_-_woman_with_stomach_painAre you experiencing stomach pain you can’t explain?  Have you been to the doctor(s) after having every test under the sun done to be told nothing is “abnormal”.  Worse, is it your child and you feel helpless?  Did they ever ask how you eat or feed your family?  No.  They don’t because that’s not their training.  Please understand, we NEED our doctors.  I don’t ever want people to think I’m anti-doctor.  They are doing their job but you may be going to the wrong place for answers.  You or your child may have “Leaky Gut”.  An elimination diet will help figure this out.  Contact me to learn more.  I not only want to but I feel I need to help you.  Let’s talk and get you some answers.

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