Health and Wellness isn’t just about food!

Sometimes you just have to stop, look around and appreciate your surroundings.  As I sit and look out at a local vineyard on a clear 80 degree summer day and listen to the breeze as it pushes through the leaves, I truly feel blessed and enjoy what nature has to offer.  Over the last two weeks I was committed to my daughters dance schedule and didn’t take enough care of myself. As a result, my immune system took a mini-vacation and I became sick.  I know better and it still happened.  Even when you’re on a tight schedule, it’s important you’re present and aware of your well-being.  Take inventory of how you feel and how you’ve nourished yourself.  Don’t wait until you’re already sick.  Maintenance along the way is critical.  Stress is a silent demon and it takes a severe toll on your body.  When you feel yourself “over doing” it, stop, breathe, make sure you are eating well and staying hydrated with water.  This CAN be done even when you’re on the “run” and away from home.  

Be Well!

Kim Laughlin Health Coaching

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