Healthy Change Depends on This….

There is ONE thing you need to have success with your wellness goals. It’s not what you think!

We have all been there and continue to be there. We are in a constant struggle to improve our wellness. The holidays bring the concern to the surface with all the extra indulging. We treat ourselves to that piece of pie because it’s the holiday after all. Holiday parties increase the amount of holiday spirits consumed.

One of the most unsuccessful ways for us to take care of ourselves is to crash “diet” following the holidays. Yes the added pounds are less than pleasant but what if you were to create a system that works for you so when special occasions surface on the calendar, we aren’t expecting to take 10 steps back? 

What if you were able to make better choices and over time not crave those treats that tend to haunt us? It’s possible.

It’s time you come to terms with creating healthier habits so you avoid the, all too, common yo-yo circumstance. 

Start with a short list of goals. Allow yourself 3 weeks to create a habit that will sustain. Choose the first step to be VERY achievable. 

Here is one for you:

Water! Yes, you read this correctly. If you drink 16 ozs of water first thing upon rising before you eat or drink anything else, you will find your body thanking you. After sleeping all night, you’re dehydrated. We wake and drink a cup of coffee or eat breakfast with a glass of juice. You can still do all that but AFTER you drink your 16 ozs of water. Because this will need to be a conscious effort, make yourself a note, tape it to the fridge and commit to doing this every morning for 3 weeks. You will feel so much better and you will drop pounds. You will think more clearly and have increased energy by adding this regime to your day. 

Be careful not to fall into the “reason to justify breaking the habit” hole. It’s easy to do. We often find ourselves giving excuses on why we don’t have to do something. This is an easy step, all you have to do is drink water. 

Make note of how you feel and your weight. Be diligent and make notes on the 22nd day. You will see a big difference with your overall well-being. 

Start now, don’t wait! 

Be Well!

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