Make or Break your Habits – SMALL – 4th of a 5 part series

In this blog I will go over SMALL.  By starting small and working our way up, we are much more likely to create a healthy habit.  If you missed the first three blogs, check them out: 1st: Make or Break Habits – WHY , 2nd: Make or Break Habits – PLAN and 3rd: Make or Break Habits – SWITCH .

This is a far cry from a fad diet.  Most diets have you live in a state of deprivation without transition for a short amount of time.  Throughout the process of a “diet” you constantly feel the pull from the real world.  By taking on one change at a time and working it into your routine, you will be able to manage with much more success.  This way it leaves out the chance of you becoming overwhelmed and therefore abandoning the very thing you are set out to improve – your wellness!  Unless it is an emergent matter of life or death, I highly recommend taking on one habit creation at a time.  If you take your goal and chunk it out to bite sized pieces and choose which one you want to master first, you are on your way to a lifetime of results.

Studies have revealed it takes 21-30 days to create (or break) a habit.  As you master each habit, continue with the process and just add one more habit so now you are working on two and so on.  This is a lot more palatable than stripping everything you know as your norm and turning it upside down for however many weeks, right?  To make matters worse, diets seem successful but because you didn’t go through the right steps, you invariably wind up back where you started!  I’m sure you agree.  I can’t tell you how many of my clients say the same thing, “I have been on more diets than I can remember and I never get lasting results”.  This never made sense to me so I created these steps to give people the opportunity to learn how to successfully achieve health goals AND stick to them.  Take the time necessary for habit formation and you will not regret it.  Quick and convenient ALWAYS comes at a cost. 

If you are truly serious about getting results, take it slow and make it manageable.  Remember, make sure you complete the previous steps – your WHY (1st blog), make sure you PLAN (2nd blog), and SWITCH (3rd blog).  Once those are complete, you will be ready for the next step on starting SMALL

I realize this is a different view to the conventional way most approach health goals and it’s the exact reason I wanted to write about each step so as to start to adopt a new way of taking the health journey.  By taking this trip with thought and care, you have only one thing to expect – success! 

Be well!

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