Mindset Rehab Challenge

Mindset Rehab goes much further than thinking positively.  Mindset Rehab is a way to create conscious wellness that goes to a deeper level.  It causes you to tap into honestly with yourself.  Don’t leave!  Please continue reading. 

Ask yourself how many conversations you have with others that doesn’t include negative comments about something or someone.  A coworker is always doing something to annoy you.  A family member is “at it again”.  Sound familiar?

By simply changing the way you think about things has a direct effect on overall wellness.  It’s true! By dwelling in the pool of negativity leaves little opportunity to stay focused on the important things.  It offers little opportunity to move forward with what truly matters.  Try my challenge below and don’t stop at just one day.  Do it for two days then three. I even recommend recruiting a Mindset Rehab partner to help you stay accountable. 

You see, old habits can be hard to break and our mindset should be the first place we make changes.  Creating a habit takes consistency.  The great thing about the Mindset Rehab is it doesn’t cost a PENNY!! Change your thoughts and you can change most anything. 

Here is my Mindset Rehab Challenge:

Do you remember the old saying “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say it at all”?  I suggest you take one day and really stay conscious about your words and thoughts about others.  Warning – This will create distance between you and the water cooler solicitors.  Gossip is the number one culprit.  Think of it this way, if the person you want to speak poorly about was in ear shot, would you say it?  Probably not, so don’t.  Again, try this for one day. This will require being completely honest with yourself so if you can’t get through a whole day, try again the next day and so on until you reach success.

Are you up for the challenge?

Be Well!

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