No Regrets!!!

Telling you not to consume a lot of sugar around the holidays is less than realistic, isn’t it?  So, I won’t.  I’m going to suggest you be more conscious of your choices for the next coming weeks.  That’s right, just being conscious.  What do I mean?  Think before you act.  We tell our children this all the time so perhaps we practice what we preach. Depriving yourself of joy around the holidays will just create resentment.  The only thing we should all deprive ourselves of is regret. 

As you reach for the next piece of pie, slice of Yule Log or Santa shaped cookie, just simply ask yourself if you will be happy if you eat it.  I know what you’re thinking, “Of course!  It’s the holidays!”  It’s your choice and that’s OK!  Allow yourself to enjoy it BUT don’t allow yourself to regret it.  Try to be proactive in your consideration of food choices during the holidays. 

You see, what we eat or drink is a temporary fix.  How you feel about yourself lasts a lot longer.  Treating yourself with respect has a more profound effect than any delicious baked good or extra holiday spirit in a glass.  Go ahead, enjoy and “gift” yourself the promise you will not dwell in regret this holiday season.  

Be Well,

Coach Kim

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