Start Small

Health is a journey and should not have an expiration date.  Diets don’t work because they create a state of deprivation with extreme change over a short amount of time.  Often times you are not aware of the “why” behind “what” as far as what food to eat and when.  Also, dieting is to; strictly, lose weight without regard to ingredients.  Yes, extra weight does cause issues, however, if you approach health as a journey, you’ll be able to create habits that last a lifetime.  This may sound a little overwhelming but it really is the opposite.  Making too many drastic changes at once may work in the short term but fail in the end and you’re worse for wear because not only will your weight bounce back to original numbers but more weight is typically gained.  Diets are a vicious cycle.  Starting small with healthy habit changes and adding on, one by one is a technique to consider if you want sustained results.

Poor health didn’t happen overnight and it won’t be fixed overnight, however, it can improve if you understand it will require creating a few new habits.  Creating new habits take a little bit of commitment but well worth the effort.  Be honest with yourself on why you may not be achieving results.  The answer, 99% of the time, is fear.  Fear of what you will have to change and do what you aren’t used to.  Once you realize why you’re stuck you can take steps to move ahead. 

To create habits, start by making one change at a time and be consistent for 3 weeks.  Once you’ve done this you’re ready to add a new habit.  Again, be consistent for 3 weeks and so on.  This technique works if it’s important enough for you.

For example:  Begin by drinking 16ozs of filtered water every morning before eating or drinking anything else.  Be consistent for 3 weeks.  By drinking water, you’re hydrating after a long resting period.  A side effect is clearer thinking, glowing skin and you may even drop a few pounds!  Perhaps your next healthy habit to add to your routine should be to remove juice and soda from your diet.  Stay the course for 3 weeks and add a new one and so on.   

Remember, small and consistent steps WILL bring results.  Start your journey today!

Be Well!

Kim Laughlin Health Coaching

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