The Missing Ingredient for Employee Engagement

Do you offer a robust wellness program to your employees with less engagement than expected?

Are your premiums benefiting from improved employee health?

Often the answer to the effectiveness of the wellness program is bleak at best.  It’s not because the program is inadequate.  It’s not because you don’t offer terrific initiatives.  It’s not because you don’t try hard to get folks to take part.

The most significant challenge in organizations which offer wellness benefits is sustained employee engagement.  They provide a plethora of educational seminars, webinars, and handouts.  However, it doesn’t seem to be enough.  Employees aren’t sticking with it. Why?

There is more to a wellness program which goes beyond offering.

What’s the missing ingredient?  HABIT FORMATION

Habit formation is the key to successful corporate wellness

If an employee doesn’t learn to create a habit, the corporate wellness program will have little value.The thought of changing what we are comfortable with is more difficult than given credit.  We want things to happen quickly, and when they don’t, it leads to abandonment.  Nowadays, almost everything we want is at our fingertips and acquired within a matter of seconds, minutes or days.  Wellness doesn’t run by such a schedule.  If you have the right person assisting with your corporate wellness to provide the correct steps and provide proper support, you WILL generate lasting results and your bottom line will see a positive impact.

Who is that person?  It depends. If your organization has a corporate wellness professional on staff, they would be the one to pave the way to lasting engagement.  If you don’t have someone on staff solely responsible for implementing and managing your corporate wellness programs, an outside resource like a health coach is a great option.

It takes time, patience and consistency to form and break a habit.Who are you going to have to manage your employee engagement? If you are looking to learn more about how a certified health coach, like myself, can assist in your corporate wellness initiatives, get in touch with me today.

Be Well!

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