What Others Say

My teenage daughters and I have had the pleasure to work with Kim Laughlin. 
We have learned a lot. The focus was on simple healthy life changes that can 
sustain a happy healthier life. Both girls are making better choices and 
view food differently. Thank you Kim!!
Tom Lees, Fairhaven, MA

 Kim Laughlin has brought a customized approach to Tiverton Power employees to help achieve our personal goals with regard to health and wellness. We approached Kim with the aspect that each individual has unique desires when it comes to health and wellness. Areas of focus range from nutrition education to a customized exercise programs ensuring overall health and wellness. Each employee has various areas they wish to improve on. Kim is willing to help employees build a program that works for that individual. Kim’s coaching technique is geared towards sustainability. She has experience with shift work and the unique challenges that rotating shift work can present to a person’s wellness. Kim’s coaching helps each of us to achieve goals to improve quality of life for us and our extended family who can also learn to develop healthy habits with the guidance of Kim Laughlin, our “customized” health coach.

What I personally appreciate about Kim is she listens. I asked her to keep me disciplined and accountable and she does just that.

Kim takes the employer investment very seriously and provides, above and beyond, service.

Tricia Keegan, Plant Manager at Tiverton Power, RI

 I decided to try health coaching with Kim Laughlin after struggling with weight gain during menopause. I have always been active and I never had an issue losing weight. Well, for the past 6 to 8 years I started gaining weight and could not lose it. I did cardio, weights, and every fad diet with very little success. The weight was not coming off.  

Along came Kim Laughlin who I met with to discuss my goals about losing weight, what I was not willing to give up, and Kim came up with a plan for me. Each week for the next 12 weeks, I met with Kim to discuss my eating plan,things that worked and things that didn’t. At first, I was taught small steps in  regards to changing my eating patterns and was given recipes that worked for me and my lifestyle. Before I knew it, my body started to change. The bloat was slipping away and my energy level was increasing while  making simple changes to my diet. 

What I quickly realized is that the way I eat was my issue. I needed to be educated about food combinations, reading labels, and SUGAR. Each week, Kim educated me about a healthy eating lifestyle. She never gave me too much information. Just enough info to not get overwhelmed but enough to continue to make positive changes in my life. 

As time went on, Kim asked me about my overall health and well-being. During this time,  I was going through a great deal of stress at work dealing with a very toxic situation with some colleagues. Kim uses a very holistic, non-judgemental approach. She has a vast wealth of information and  takes into account stressors that can sabotage your overall health. During our numerous discussions, she gave me sound advice regarding my work situation and a way to deal with the toxic situation with my colleagues.The outcome gave me the freedom I needed. Now, after 3 months, I am in the best shape of my life physically, mentally, and emotionally. My life has been simplified, my healthy eating habits are turning into a healthy eating lifestyle, I am aware of how stress can sabotage all my gains, and I am no longer willing to allow outside stress to take over my life again. 

What started out as hiring Kim to help me lose weight turned into my greatest triumph. I have learned to control all aspects of my life and I couldn’t have done it without Kim’s professionalism, knowledge regarding overall health, support, and insight all within a very open, noncritical approach to eating and life. I will be forever grateful to Kim for giving me my life back. I am a totally different person on the inside and out. Thank you, Kim, for believing in me.

Kim Liarikos of Massachusetts

Kim has an infectious passion for her work. Most importantly, she worked with me to find out what “I” needed to be successful. I was ready to just give up but with a few easy steps and guidance from Kim, I have a new outlook on how I need to think about food and my overall wellness. It’s more than just the “what”, she teaches me the “why” and that’s what made the difference for me.  Now I’m able to make educated decisions on my own!
Barbara P. Busy wife and professional.

About a year and a half ago I was very very sick. I had been seen by many Dr’s, had every test done and was getting no results except sicker. It wasn’t until Kim stepped in and asked if I was willing to try a 7 day elimination diet. Within a 1 to 2 weeks I was feeling better. Her willingness and caring for others is what got me on the path to recovery. I not only feel better physically and mentally but I am also more conscious of the food I eat and care more about my body and I owe that all to Kim.
Tracie R. Busy wife and professional mom of two.

Passionate, caring, knowledgeable are some of the words that come to mind when I reflect on Kim and how she has helped me over the past month or so. I’ve worked with many people in the health/nutrition industry regarding some of my issues with weight and eating and I have never come across anyone as dedicated to their work as Kim is.

I was shocked when Kim contacted me two days after our initial consultation to check in with me. I remember saying to myself, “Wow, this person really cares about my nutrition and well- being. I’m not just another case or client. She truly understands and gets it.”

As a matter of fact, Kim always checks in with me a few days after our phone conversation. I don’t remember anyone ever going above and beyond to help me like Kim has. And I can tell that she really does enjoy helping and educating me and others to become healthier. I appreciate the fact that Kim is so articulate and approaches my concerns in small steps.

Staying focused on a few things at a time, knowing that inundating me with too many things would only scare me away. Her positive attitude and her patience have made me want to try harder and become healthier both inside and out.

Desiree A. Busy single mom of one.

After countless visits to the pediatrician and Boston Children’s Hospital for my son, Max’s, severe stomach pain, I was left in the dark with no answers and thousands in medical bills. Feeling frustrated, hopeless and terrified that this was our new reality in an out of control situation I called Kim.

I saw her Facebook post on her business and thought maybe I could find help where I was finding nothing but prescription pills and tests that show nothing from pediatricians. I fully trusted that doctors could figure this out and get us back on track, but I was so wrong. I was told he was constipated and to give him medication once a day for a year, I was told acid reflux with constipation which now would be three medications for a year, then I was told to add another medication plus Tylenol for the pain.

On one rainy weekend when my husband had to sleep with our 8 year old all night while he cried and pleaded for help, I had enough and called Kim. Kim came to my house on that Sunday and listened as I ran down our list of problems. She got right to work and placed Max on an exclusionary diet. Right away I noticed a difference. No more pain, no more not wanting to eat, no more worry.

Max went from doubled over in pain to running out to play baseball and asking to eat. I had my answer. This was not a medical disease that was out of my control and needed doctor intervention. This was diet. Diet that I could control. Diet that turned Max back into the playful active kid he once was. Now I am on the second week and finding out that egg yolks hurt his stomach and fake sugar gives him headaches and acid reflux.

It is just the beginning of the journey, but I now know I am in control of this ride. Not the doctors, not a disease, but me. That is the best (insert expletive here) feeling in the whole world. It can only get better from here. I can’t thank Kim enough for giving me that control back.

B. Souza, Max’s Mom